Monday, June 16, 2014

Mothers day was AMAZING!!! Best day ever to talk to Jacob and see/hear how wonderful he is doing. He is dying from the heat!! He has also grown taller so we have to send him new pants, his sister Amanda asked if he shrunk his pants, he said " I don't have hot water or a dryer...NO!!" LOL we all thought that was great. He was also talking about how many sister missionaries there are in his area, he said it with a TOTAL Spanish accent, I called him on it, he said no way, and in unison ALL of us said  "YES YOU DID!" It is so great to hear his voice, and that he is getting the language down. They are having A LOT of success. His branch has grown from about 12 when he got there to 50!! He challenged His little sister to gain a testimony of her own and to know that she will need it to stay strong. 
It was all amazing, I love this kid and and so grateful for the things he is experiencing and learning, and for the lives he is touching. 

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