Monday, June 16, 2014

this is your beloved missionary elder Glenn this week was pretty great!! now time is flying by like insanely fast. i literally cant believe it. but this week was awesome because we got this brother and sister to come to church! i have been visiting them since i got here and we are totally going to baptize them. and their whole family. its a for sure thing. its really cool to have some good pay off from hard work! so i basically have to translate to people what my comp is saying sometimes because they don't understand yeah...that's a thing. love love Love this work! glad some of you little buggers are having fun on the house boat at lake Powell!!!! i totally feel like the missionary in the best two years, "they re at lake Powell?!?!?! THIS IS KILLING ME!!!!!" haha really would like to escape this ridiculous heat. anyway I'm probably going to be staying in this area for another transfer after this one! haha ill be here my whole mission! i would totes be cool with that. a lot of people focus WAY TOO MUCH on getting exchanges. jeez guys just work where you are. the success depends on what we are willing to do. i have been making a lot of changes and really improving my teaching skills. like a ton. seriously i have gotten way better and feel the spirit super strong when we teach. anyway love you all!!! have a great week!!
Elder Glenn

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