Monday, June 16, 2014

May 26, 2014
Sounds like fun stuff!!!!! i'll be sweating my literal behind off....its hot Brannen is in Paraguay now? wasn't he in Juarez? that kinda confused me. anyway. things are going great here. just working our tails off! more than i have ever worked in my life!!!! ahhh. seriously and i thought doing heat was long....actually not doing heat is still really long and probably just as hot ;) but this is WAYYYY more rewarding...sorry Kev but killing bed bugs just doesn't compare to sharing the gospel! ha ha i am really enjoying all this work. even though we aren't have a ton of results, I'm still happy and excited to do all i can to hasten this work. i know I'm supposed to be here and i thank all of you for you love and support for when i was having a really hard time a few weeks ago. but now I'm just working like a mad man. i can understand my companion better. so that's good. last week our training went super well!! like i just felt soo comfortable up there training the other missionaries in our zone! afterwords a bunch of them came up to me and thanked me for it and told me i did a stellar job. who knew?! haha also our fellow missionaries in the Colonia right next to ours were going to have a baptism on Saturday but then their investigators said they wanted to wait and my companion and 2 members went over and helped them work through it and they ended up getting baptised that day!! wahoooo it was such an incredible experience and strengthened my testimony that God truly answers anyway that's all i have for now! hope you all have a fantastic week!!
Love Elder Glenn
OH and i ate menudo yesterday.....that's cow stomach......its not good. i don't like it at all....there were little teeth and bits of bones in my mouth...pretty unpleasant and it smells like poo...but they love it. weirdos. anywho..least favorite things I've eaten so far haha

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