Monday, June 16, 2014

May 13, 2014
so first of all sorry dad that i didn't get to talk to you. believe me that i wanted to SO BADLY...I'm sorry. i know i should have, but at least you can watch the video that they recorded! love you dad. it was so great to see you all and talk to you and it gave me so much joy i was beaming for the rest of the day! seriously I'm so happy....but I'm a total loser and didn't even say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!! to there it is ha ha

SO big news....i got a new companion!!!!!! haha i learned SO MUCH from elder minquiz but i think i learned all that i could from him and now i have anew companion, but I'm still in the same area. his name is elder matute and he is from Ecuador.....holy crud his accent is Mexicans can't understand him....and i sure as heck cant lol. but i will learn ha ha it may just take a little time. it almost sounds french because he doesn't pronounce like ANY consonants. don't judge me for me spelling. anyway he is so cool! he has a super positive attitude and is really uplifting and encouraging and has a great work ethic and i am SO THANKFUL to be his companion! what a blessing. also when we went to Chihuahua to get my new comp we picked up a brand new elder named elder Leon and he is Mexican so i started talking to him in Spanish like whatever right, well then he gets this confused look on his face and asks me where I'm from and i say Utah and he looks shocked...I'm like he tells me that he totally thought i was Mexican HAHAHA he told me that he said i looked like a gringo but that i talked legit Mexican! WAHOO!!! that's what I'm talkin' about! he is actually fluent in both English and Spanish and has no accent in either language...lucky duck. but he is really awesome. its so nice to finally have someone in our zone that has less time than i do hahaha. anyway I'm doing fantastic and i am so prepared to be working hard with elder matute! thank you all for all of your love and support and helping so much!!! i Love you all immensely!
Elder Glenn

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