Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 7, 2014
So this week was just fantastic. I really learned SO MUCH from general conference. i had never paid attention like this in my life! it went by too fast!! i couldnt believe it when it was over. one thing that caught my attention the most was that of being courageous. in all times. in all places. even when its unpopular. do what is right and let the consequence follow. president monson related it to the time that Joseph Smith was in jail and stood up because the guards were being so incredibly crude and silenced them. it gave me so much strength. idk. i mean i could go on forever but i want to get on with what happend this week. oh well acutally we got to watch conference in englsih in a small room with the 4 other american missionaries and one guy who was just baptized last week named Caesar! he is awesome. he grew up in california in LA and so he has perfecr english it was great talking to him and hearing his incredible testimony and conversion story. so remember that family of 9??? yeah they totally accepted a baptismal date this week, but then we found out that they arent actually married, so the next day we prepped a lesson for that and read a proclamatino to the world to them and gave them a copy and asked them if they would get married, and while holding eachothers hands tight and with so much love in their eyes they said yes. never have i seen so much faith. i have never felt so much love. so much joy. to see them make this decision. it moved me to a place i dont think i have ever been spiritually. wow. they are incredible. when we gave him a book of mormon we asked him to read the introduction...two days later when we asked if he had read he said yeah a little bit, and we were like oh, thats fine how far did you get...wait for it...1 nephi 11. yeah this dude is bomb. i can just see it in his eyes when he feels the spirit. its incredible. their kids are so funny. all the hi chews you sent me we have been giving to them as a prize for answering questions and for being reverent haha its awesome and they love it. i teach the kids english and everything. anyway. i have to go. i love you all!!! i hope that you have a great week! thanks to the kids that sent me the pictures and testimonies. i cry every dang time that i read them haha. i love you all!!
Elder Glenn

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