Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 10, 2014
aghghgh this week has been incredible and difficult. We had a family of 5 come to church!!! oh we have been working with them since the day I got here and they finally came!! they are keeping all their commitments to read and pray and everything. they went from being so opposed to everything to now wanting to be members! It's truly a miracle and a blessing. to see the light in their eyes as they feel the spirit and watch their testimonies grow. It's the most incredible joy I've ever experienced. I love doing this work! I'm so blessed to have a companion that always pushes me to do better. I have been pretty depressed for the last few weeks...I don't know why but I just feel like I cant be me ´in spanish´ if that makes sense. Like I can't be the outgoing fun weird person I am. So I have been down, but I realized that isn't true and that if I just forget about my fears and worries and just TRUST in Christ I can do anything. and I can be the missionary that he wants me to be...well that's all for this week I guess... love you all!!

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