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April 13, 2015


i have cambios and my comp is staying here and who knows where im going, ill find out at like 2, so i dont have time to write but im alive and ana and ofelia got baptized and confirmed this weekend. true miracles. super awesome experiences  i will write about it sooon. love you all take care!
Elder Glenn

April 14, 2015


Alright so i just got my new comp and my new area......I'm in Parral again!!!!! WAHOOO! super stoked, I'm actually in this little town like 30 minutes away but ill be coming to Parral like several times a week so I'm pretty stoked. hope i get to see some of the converts from my first area. my companion is Elder Castro. he was one of my zone leaders when i first left Parral and went to Chihuahua. he is cool and finishes the mission in 3 months. so we are going to be working super hard here and ill keep you all updated.

alright now let me get to the awesome stories from last week. so Ana is an investigator that has been wanting to get baptized for a while, the only problem is is that her work won't let her take Sundays off....so there would be no way to confirm her. well this week on Thursday we went by to go visit her and turns out that a day earlier someone had thrown two Molotov cocktails into her suburban that was parked in her garage and it burnt the thing to a crisp and a ton of smoke got into the house and it was just a huge mess. so we told her that we would get some missionaries together and come by the next morning to help clean and paint. so we came the next morning and did all that good stuff. she said that her work gave her two weeks off because of this incident and then she told me that she just thought it was cool how God puts everything into place so that she could attend church. we invited her to be baptized on Saturday and she said yes! 

Now Ofelia. she is the old little lady that is just precious. this week we came over on Monday and she had fallen the day before and was bed ridden. it was super sad. but she was telling us that her kids were all against her getting baptized and that they would abandon her if she kept going to church with us so she just wanted a little more time. we gave her a blessing and the next day we came and she was feeling loads better. she told us that she didn't care anymore what her kids did. she just wants to do Gods will. she said so be it if they abandon me and so be it if i die, i know that i have to do His will....i was blown away. so she set up a baptismal date for April 25. then on Friday we went over to invite her to Ana´s baptism on Saturday and told her that if she wants she can also get baptized that day. she smiled and said that she felt that God wanted her to just get baptized already. so on Saturday we baptized the both of them and it was great. then they got confirmed on Sunday.

i am gonna miss Ofelia so much. she was just the biggest sweetheart. all we did is just listen to her and love her and she felt Christs love and that why she decided to be baptized. sometimes all we need to do is just love people more and be more sincere and true miracles can happen. i went over yesterday to say goodbye and she started crying...something about her is that she rarely cries. i have been there when she is telling just heartbreaking stories and she never cries. she raised like 25+ kids in her house, just like kids off the street and grandchildren that her own kids abandoned and lots of people, and she calls all of them her children....but yesterday when i said goodbye she called me her brother...and she said "not like a brother in the church, but i mean a real true brother". I'm seriously going to miss her so much. she is so special and has so much faith. she is a true example of a disciple of Jesus Christ. i wish i could be more like her and not care about the adverse consequences of making the right decisions that are sometimes hard. i love you all. i hope something her can inspire you to change and become a better person. have a great week! 

Elder Glenn

Javier....this guy is great, really trying to change his life around he is currently living out of this little place and trying to overcome his alcoholism. he has a great heart

 Ana and Ofelia got baptized on saturday!!! WAHOO
 this is Ofelia. the sweetest old lady ever, and one of the newest converts to the Church!
 C├ęsar. this guy only has one leg, but he is huge and super strong and a great guy
 thug lyf3

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