Tuesday, May 5, 2015

March 31, 2015
Sorry i couldn't write yesterday!
I was busy playing futbol with the assistants and a bunch of other missionaries. it was super fun! we played for like 4 hours. i figured out that i love playing defense. and I'm actually pretty good at it. my legs hurt a lot today and i got sunburned but it was totally worth it!
so a couple of weeks ago my comp and i contacted this old lady that was sitting outside her house. we have been going to her house and teaching her, and she tells us TONS of stories about her life and stuff, its crazy stuff but really interesting. we were sad because the last couple weeks she didn't come to church and she said it was because her pastor came with some other people and discouraged her telling he that she cant do that. but then this week when we came she said that she prayed and she said that she just felt the spirit fill her heart and she knew that she needed to baptized in this church and she said, "i don't care who comes here or what they say, i just want to do God´s will....not my will and not their will, but God´s will. so I'm going with you guys to this church, no matter what happens!" sure enough when we came to pick her up she was all ready to go and went and stayed the three hours and told us after that she wants to be baptized! so we are going to be working hard to help her in that process. she is just a precious little old lady that needs to be loved. she had tons of great stories and is super receptive to everything. the Lord truly has prepared so many people to receive this gospel, we just have to open our mouths and find them.
this lst week was awesome. Wednesday was one of the greatest days i have had on the entire mission. it was just perfect to me. we worked SUPER hard, talked to a ton of people and found great new people to teach and just felt the spirit really strongly all day and at the end we came home and were absolutely exhausted and fell asleep super content. i just love the tender mercies that the Lord gives us when we serve diligently. i know He loves us. keep Him in your thoughts this week and for all that He did for each one of us. i know that He lives. His power is real. His church is true. His work is that of saving souls, the sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. i love you all so much and hope you have a great week!
Elder Glenn

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