Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 4, 2015

Alright! so this week was once again super awesome! a little girl from the Rodriguez family that we baptized a year ago turned 8 a couple months ago but refused to get baptized unless it was by me or Elder Minquiz....and well elder Minquiz is super far away and I'm right here next to Parral so i got to go and baptize her and see all the people from that area! it was super awesome. seriously one of the greatest days of my life! i missed those people so much, and after the baptism i went with them to their house and we had a family home evening. super cool stuff seriously. 

also president came and we had a training meeting and it was awesome what we learned about the parable of the wedding feast. it was super cool and i learned a lot. i have been learning tons with my comp and been progressing a lot....or at least trying to. sometimes it takes longer to comprehend certain things, but it makes them more valuable. 

honestly that's about all that went down this week. we are just working hard and enjoying the mission to its fullest :) hope you all have a great week and enjoy life!

Elder Glenn
Training with President Chavez

I think he likes this green little town ;-]

La Familia Rodriguez Trianna

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