Tuesday, May 5, 2015

April 20, 2015


Well I'm in Parral again and its awesome!!! Valle is way smaller than Saucillo but its ever more green and its just like a happy little small town...there are only a few member here, so its interesting because we have to travel to Parral to go to church on Sundays. it gets expensive....i just spent like a ton of money on transports this week...like a ton, BUT its all good because this girl Vanessa got baptized. she is awesome and she wouldn't wait a couple more weeks to get baptized, she wanted it now! haha and she wants to serve a mission when she is older too! her mom is named Erika and she along with her other 3 kids are going to be baptized soon...i think on the 2 of May or something like that. so we are working hard also to baptize some other people here in El Valle. we have some sweet bikes that we get to use and travel to lots of little towns that are a ways away. this place has so much potential. we just need to work hard and be the right people to do the Lords will here. 

my comp is Elder Castro, he is from Tampico and is super chill. he was my zone leader like 8 months ago and we get along super well. we can talk about anything and we can get into some sweet doctrine and learn from each other. I'm not gonna lie he was super tough before, but he has changed SO MUCH and is now super humble and super chill. love this guy seriously. i have so much fun working with him. i look forward to LOTS of great things these coming weeks and months, and i hope i get to stay here for a while. also i did divisions with Elder Garces for like 2 days and it was awesome. he is a super chill guy and we hit it off really well....i feel like his group of friends was a lot like mine...haha

at Vanessa's baptism on Saturday i saw Sister Castaneda! she was a sister in my first area that i seriously love so much. she said that soon i will hopefully be able to see the Chavez and Rodriguez Families :)

well that's all i have for right now! i hope y'all had a great week! Shout out to Sam for his 20th birthday! congrats bro! felicidades triste cuate! no te hagas güey!

Elder Glenn
maybe the last time with woods..
 Elder Castro....i promise he isn't picking  his nose....i think
 El Valle Verde. its green here :)
 El bautismo de Vanesa

Edler Glenn y Elder Castrito mi nino jeje
Erika and her family 

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