Tuesday, May 5, 2015

April 27, 2015


another awesome work week! we have been working super hard and we had some awesome results this Sunday and 7 people were able to go to church. there are tons of people who are willing to go to church its just that most people in our area don't have money to pay for the transports to come to Parral and return so it gets kinda tricky. but the Lord works in mysterious ways to help them. the work is really awesome here we have a bunch of people that are intently listening to us. we actually found a Tarahumaran family they are like Indians and have this cool language. it sounds awesome, but i don't know any of it. anyway they speak Spanish too and are listening sincerely and want to get baptized! so we'll be working hard with them to help them out in their quest for the truth!

me and my comp Elder Castro get along super duper well. haha we joke around a ton but we also share our knowledge and help strengthen each other and other people too. our companionship studies are freaking boss. and we teach really well together and think a lot alike. i can really feel the spirit flowing in our companionship and see the miracles wrought because of our love for the people and each other. the Lord is so powerful and does so many miraculous things...we are simply instruments in His hands, and we just have to be humble enough and have enough love to be able to be USEFUL instruments.

well that's about all i got right now! i love you all and i hope you have a great week!

Elder Glenn

waiting for the bus to go to el Valle with Elder Castro

we get along really well

Erika got each of us one of these to remember her and her family :)

el Valle is super pretty

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