Tuesday, May 5, 2015

March 23, 2015

So this week was a little crazy. we had some cool meetings with the assistants which i learned a lot in. and i got to go out to eat with Elder Matute a couple times cause he is an assistant to the president so he came and we ate out. we worked super hard. but it was crazy cause we did the weird divisions and i was with the one elder Saldña who is from my generation and we were staying in the Zone leaders house which was sweet cause they have lots of food and a little gym in the house, i definitely took advantage of that part....it was awesome. but we worked super duper hard and found some REALLY awesome people. we were walking down the street in the sisters area and this guy yelled at us "¡hermanos vangan pa´ aca!" so we ran over and entered his little tapicería and he started talking to us about his whole life. his name is M. he talked to us about how he lost his whole family to his alcoholism and drug addictions, and he lived on the streets for the past few years and was just a bad person, but how just 6 months ago he started going to a christian church and started getting his life back together. he says its been a huge change in his life but that he still feels like there is something missing and that he wants to devote himself 100% to Christ. he was asking us how he could do that, and then he asked us if we could invite him to our church. we were just like standing there stunned and amazed and just started teaching him a little and invited him to church and baptism the whole 9 yards. handed him a pamphlet of the Restoration and made an appointment for the next day, then he gave us both two big hugs each and we left. it was SO COOL. then the next day we went back and he was so happy to see us. he said he read the whole thing and that he was up until 1 in the morning reading the pamphlet with the light from a candle because he doesn't had electricity in his house......he had it all underlined and like little notes written in it and told us his favorite part was about Joseph Smith. he said that he could really relate with him because he feels like he is on the right path but that he just doesn't know which church is the right one, and that just like Joseph received revelation he feels like he is receiving revelation through the scriptures and his prayers and feels something different in his heart. me and elder Saldaña were just blown away and as we taught him we really felt the spirit super strong. 

so then here is where stuff gets interesting. we had to go to the mission offices that Friday night because there was this like youth activity that apparently we were apart of. so we get there and apparently we were going to have some 14 year old come stay with us for two days! AWESOME. his name is C and was super timid and shy. but i found out he played the sax and likes jazz so we connected on the level and he really opened up and he like Frank Sinatra and a lot of great music. cool kid. actually just got baptized 7 months ago and his mom is inactive but he goes to church. it was way fun working with him. and then on Saturday we had to go get everything ready for a baptism that the sisters from my district had and that was fun, then we went to lunch, the baptismal font overflowed because my comp left the water running, but luckily we got there in time before it was too bad and we got it taken care of. then the 15 year old got baptized and it was really cool. he looks like he is 9 though, poor guy.

 then we went and worked a little and they called me and told me that i had to go stay the night with Elder Woods and Elder Norris, some good friends of mine and i was like OKAY! so we met up with them and i stayed the night with them at Woods´ house, he has a banjo and a guitar and all 3 of us like to sing so needless to say that was an excellent night. bright and early we head up to Cuatehmoc to do a choir performance at a stake conference and it went really well. then we were there for the afternoon session. and on the way home we sang lots of stuff and it was super fun, mostly Americans. i got back and we got back and ate i got back and called M to see if he made it to church and he said yes and that he loved it and wants to be a part of this church now. then there was a meeting to end the youth activity and it was really cool. nice testimonies from the kids that stayed with the missionaries. all ended and i ended up having to stay the night with Elder Woods again cause all my stuff was at his house....so yeah. it was an excellent week. we had a lot of success too. but i have written plenty already so ill leave it at this haha.

well i hope you all have an excellent week! i love you all loads. and having tons of fun and loving this work!

Elder Glenn

this is the only pic i took because my camera died :/ but here is the crazy van full of mostly americans! 
super fun stuff

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