Tuesday, May 5, 2015

April 6, 2015


this week was so awesome. so in march we had a goal as a mission to have 200 baptisms. something never before done here. and turns out we had 235 or something like that. totally crazy! so on Thursday all the missionaries here in Chihuahua went to this place and we ate and played games and just chilled all day and it was super awesome. i basically just chilled with my best friends. Elder Woods, obviously, and my new friend Elder Warden. it was a super good time.

also this week we go Ofelia interviewed for her baptism and we are pretty stoked for that. i cant remember if i mentioned this, but a couple weeks ago i was working in the Sisters´ area and we contacted this guy, his name is J and he lives in this little burrito stand(in which there aren't any burritos lol he is selling like tires out of it or something). he is a drunk but he wants help. so gave him a book of Mormon and a bunch of stuff and whenever we pass by we buy him some tacos or something. any who. he hasn't been drinking for a week now and he went to ALL of the conference session! so cool right??? he loved it. and we are going to make sure that he is clean from alcohol and get him baptized asap :)

Conference was so awesome. seriously i loved it so much. i hope y'all got a chance to watch it and enjoy the counsel and words from the prophets. they are getting super direct about some things and i love it! i loved the talk by Wilfor W Anderson. seriously that example of the dancing to music was AWESOME. i hope you get a chance to watch it if you missed out. alright well that's all for now. got some sweet pics sent out today. enjoy. love you all and have a great week!

Elder Glenn
Poolside mobbin'
on the bus ride there. (Gotta love the tan lines on these boys)

We look like we could be Nirvana....those tan lines look great. we literally chilled over by the poolside like this almost the entire day. so awesome. 

we must have looked so chill that tons of people decide to come sit with us, after this pic it ended up being like 15 people lol

 Teeter totters are awesome

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